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RaspBMC Drive (not folder) sharing - Windows?
11-03-2012, 02:49 AM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2012 03:40 AM by BillPi.)
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RE: RaspBMC Drive (not folder) sharing - Windows?
I should've guessed the slow keystrokes were a power problem. If I recall correctly, I'm running 0.7A 5V B&N Nook charger wall outlet to USB cable for my power.

Heh, I could always upgrade to 8 and all my problems would be fixed, right? /sarcasm

Trieste, I could do that, but I was hoping to avoid doing so. There are several different applications that reference my video files and would throw a temper tantrum if their working directory got moved. Basically, that's a possibility I am certain will work, but I'm keeping it as a last resort.

I'll take a look at the power supply sticky now. I'm fairly confident the original problem mentioned is a Windows/Linux problem, though, as streaming from a folder works fine (less the >11GB video files that wouldn't buffer if their lives depended on it). Still, if it fixes the stutter from my input devices, GREAT! That is really my only major concern with the Pi. This other stuff is just convenience I'd like to sort out if possible.

Also, I'll create a spaceless XBMC user account on Windows and post back the results.

Update: Success!

(please mark this post to resolved, if necessary)

There were 2 problems here. The first was the keyboard stutter. I was using a 0.7A 5V power adapter. After reading the power adapter sticky, I know that 5v doesn't mean 5v. I replaced it with a 1.0A 5v power adapter (same samsung charger brick..just 1.0A?). The stutter is less apparent. I'm confident if I get a better wall adapter, like the one mentioned here ( - per the sticky), the lag will disappear.

OK, most people knew that. As for the drive issue, it was just a simple permissions problem. I left the "sources.xml" with no usernames or passwords, just the entries. I then created the XBMC user account on Windows 7, along with a password (you know Linux and its password hard-on). I was then able to connect directly to the drive, and not just the folder within the drive.

Synopsis: Linux hates spaces. My "Sherlock Holmes" Windows account with a password wouldn't work, but the "XBMC" Windows account would. I'm now browsing and streaming files from my Windows HDD on my Pi.

One other fun fact. My drive hosting all my video files isn't just 1 hard drive. It's a RAID5 array recognized as a single LOGICAL we know logical drives are recognized properly by Pi as well in case anybody was curious.

Thank you all for the help!
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11-03-2012, 03:52 AM
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RE: RaspBMC Drive (not folder) sharing - Windows?
Your power issue could be just a poor quality usb cable, you might want to try swapping it if you have another. Glad you got it worked out. Probably is some wonky Windows policy in regards to sharing a drive root.

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